ASIC Miner and Bitcoin Mining Hosting Services

Get electricity rate quotes and data center hosting options for your Bitcoin(BTC) and ASIC mining hardware.

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Get Rates From Data Centers Across the World

Buy Mining Hardware and Host Remotely

Our ASIC miner hosting services help you to find the best place to host your mining rigs or GPU mining hardware with lower rates and more energy options.

Buy Antminer S19 Pro 110TH for and host for 7.5 cents

Buy Antminer S21 110TH for and host for 9.5 cents

Buy Bitmain Antminer S19j and host for 5.7 cents

Antminer S9 hosted as low as $79 month

ASIC and GPU Miner Hosting Options

Host Low Volume Bitmain Antminers

If you have less than 50 ASIC units, there are good places to host them. We have providers that offer space, power, cooling and Internet for different types of ASIC and GPU rigs. Bitcoin hosting prices change often, so click the button below to get an updated list of hosting options.


Turnkey Mining Packages

Get Managed Mining Solutions Institutions and Individuals

This is a way for people to mine without having to worry about buying, hosting and maintaining miners. They can buy a guarantee of a certain amount of mining power for 36 or 18 months.

Guaranteed Terahash for 36 or 18 months

This is about an offer to buy 1,000 ASICs for a one-time cost of $16,950 or you can pay $1,690 a month for 18 months. If you pay all at once, you can get a 15% discount.

What You Can Expect

18 months of work can get you 2 Bitcoins! Contact us to get more information.

Start ASIC or GPU Mining Today


What is Bitcoin Mining Colocation?

Colocation is when people rent out space in a data center to store their computer equipment. People who mine cryptocurrency sometimes use this service to store their equipment because it’s cheaper and easier than buying their own. Companies in the United States and Canada have special deals for miners to rent space in their data centers.




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