OpenAI ChatGPT Plugins


OpenAIs artificial intelligence model, ChatGPT, has recently gained the ability to access the internet and query information in realtime. With this new plugin, ChatGPT is now able to interact in a more conversational manner and respond to queries more accurately than ever before. This advancement has vast implications for the potential applications of AI, and could revolutionize the way we communicate with machines. Find out more about this breakthrough development by reading this article on the subject.

OpenAI has introduced a new plugin feature that enables its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, to retrieve information from online sources and interact with third-party websites. This new feature is currently in the “limited” alpha phase and will only be available to a small set of users initially, before rolling out on a larger scale. Users need to add themselves to a waitlist to access the new feature on ChatGPT Plus. Initially, there will be 11 plugins available that will allow users to perform various tasks like checking scores of live sporting events, booking international flights, and purchasing food for home delivery. OpenAI plans to study their real-world use and impact before gradually expanding access.

The plugins are designed to ensure safety as a core principle and will help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, and use third-party services. The supported websites include e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Klarna, and Instacart, and travel search engines like Expedia and KAYAK. The plugins also include the math computer Wolfram for carrying out calculations and the business messaging app Slack.

To access the web, ChatGPT utilizes the Bing API to search for information, along with a text-based web browser to navigate results and interact with websites. It synthesizes information across multiple sources to give a grounded response and cites the sources used for verification purposes.

The plugin capabilities came on the back of high demand from its user base since the firm launched ChatGPT on Nov. 30. The founder of software firm HashiCorp and an early user of the ChatGPT plugin API, Mitchell Hashimoto, called it one of the most “impressive” computer applications he has ever used.

This new feature could improve one of ChatGPT’s biggest shortcomings, which is that it was trained with data only up to September 2021 and does not have access to the internet to grab more recent information. OpenAI released the latest version of its artificial intelligence Chatbot, ChatGPT-4, earlier this month, which has already managed to pass many of the toughest U.S. high school and law school exams in the 90th percentile.

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